What is the use of press release in a business?

Before the existence of the Internet, companies invested large sums of money in advertising, which only those who already had a certain degree of notoriety could afford. However, all this changed since the 70’s when accessibility and the use of the Internet were possible for the entire public. Since then, the way to advertise and reach the public evolved and adapted to the digital age.

In this sense, the typical press release began to be used also in digital media. Its methodology is very similar to those usually used in newspapers and magazines; however, these now have various aggregates that allow obtaining greater visibility and importance in the most used search engines in the world.

In this way, press release will serve as an advertising tool, which will serve to increase the visibility and position of the website among the main positions of Internet browsers, thus causing a greater number of people to be captured potential customers and also strengthen the brand and the name of the company. All this will be motivated by the fact that by showing a press release in the most recognized media, the company and its products appear to be of better quality and also enjoy very good prestige.

And although this is something that can be done by the company itself through its own blogs or by paying for advertising, it is something that can take a long time and may require a greater investment. For this reason, the ideal is to hire a distribution company such as Linking News, who thanks to its extensive experience and highly qualified team, guarantees its customers that their advertising will reach more than ten thousand media and a thousand social media networks available all over the planet, among which can be mentioned channels such as NBC, FOX, CBS; ABC. To know more about it, it is recommended to visit the link to their website https://www.linkingnews.com/ where all the necessary information is available.

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