Top causes of erection dissatisfaction and how to increase erection satisfaction

Post-40 erection changes are inevitable and normal to men. However, some lifestyle factors can temporarily or even postpone the reverse effect of erection dysfunction. Falling deeply in love, making love early in the day when a man has more energy and getting in great shape are some of the things that may affect sexual performance in a positive way. Unfortunately, there are other factors that when they occur, a person may be forced to take drugs such as erectile dysfunction cures and in many cases; even cialis cannot solve the problem.

Factors that exacerbate dissatisfaction with a man’s erection include alcohol, anxiety, relationship problems, making love while fatigued after a big dinner with lots of wine or late at night after a tedious day and many other drugs. One pernicious factor with erectile dissatisfaction is anxiety. Anxiety triggers the flight or fight reflex which make the blood be sent away from the central body especially from the penis and out of the limbs for either escape or self-defense. If there is less blood at the central body, it also means that a man will not have enough blood needed for erection. This may lead to the use of levitra since erection dissatisfaction is an embarrassing and upsetting factor for many men but which should be accepted since it is normal in some way.
Since anxiety can make you be dependent on kamagra pills, it is important for men to minimize anxiety. One way to minimize this is by having a hot shower before having sex. Moreover, when a man is in the lovemaking process, the man should go at a slow pace, breathe meditatively and should have lots of sensual touches all over the body. This is the kind of sex most women prefer and this is also the only way of getting erection satisfaction.

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