There is an erotic stories for everyone

Erotic stories have always been a classic of literature, many great authors have ventured into stories that without being explicitly sexual induce excitement and become a stimulant for the mind that can then be taken to bed with the couple, fantasize with seducing a stranger in the elevator or hiding in a parking lot, everyone who reads one of these erotic short stories can recreate it as they see fit, adding or removing scenes to include the stories and actions that most stimulate them, letting our imagination flow convert an encounter between two people into a sublime experience and say to remember, with the number of daily activities sometimes we leave aside the seduction and go straight to the sexual act without preamble, making life in a dull and boring couple.
Couples can use erotic stories to stimulate their sex life in the face of monotony, read an erotic story on the way home, or send it by mail to your partner in the middle of the day can completely change the close encounter between both, none can expect to arrive before the other and stage the story with their own spaces and bodies.
When you create and imagine a story where both assume a role and allow you to go adding details is letting the imagination fly and what starts as a game ends up becoming a memorable experience that will surely rekindle the flame of desire and may even awaken the literary vein of some or both members of the couple and why not, end up writing their own stories and publishing them to give the opportunity to others to seduce and be seduced with the best descriptions and probable scenarios to attract and enjoy a meeting as you did not have had before, if you want to collaborate with your stories you can subscribe as author and choose the category between anonymous or author and even with the passage of time you could turn the erotic writing into a source of income.

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