The last appearances of Katherine Wilder are associated with the theater.

The actress Katharine Wilder is most famous for the relationship with her also famous father the protagonist of the iconic movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, both separated after the actor’s divorce and the mother of the actress, the marriage lasted seven years and ended due to the constant infidelities of the actor, Katherine Wilder ceased to have contact with his father’s pain because of the divorce process, he moved away and never again acceded to him, not even after the diagnosis of his illness and later death. The separation did not prevent Gene from including her among his heirs, which will surely increase the fortune earned by herself. As much as she has wanted to hide her birth date, the media have been able to calculate her age based on the year of her parents’ marriage.

The separation of her father plunged her into a forced anonymity, apart from that she has never wanted to give signs of her presence in the world of the show, although in recent years she has come to the fore because of her appearance in some movies and plays, and also one or another appearance in television series. It is waiting for the premiere of a film directed by Steven Spielberg this year 2018.
His father made unsuccessful attempts to approach his daughter, he even wrote a book in his honor where he confesses that at the time of being a father he was enthralled with fame and did not know how to face the idea of sharing space and attention with others, he declares his repentance in the book, and he does not succeed in reestablishing contact with Katherine. After the separation and the break with her father, Katherine Wilder has known how to keep her private life in total secrecy, nothing is known of her beyond the promotion of the works and films in which she has been acting since 2015. Her fortune continues to increase and if there is something that surely does not concern you are financing.

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