Orthotics For Good Foot Health

The feet are intricate areas of the body that take us and support us through a variety of action throughout our own lives. Their sophistication and the requirements put on them can frequently lead to problems of a biomechanical nature, wherein the foot is unable to correctly manage the load. This may result in an excellent deal of pain and suffering. When this happens, orthotics are used to aid correct the issue, to ensure ordinary foot function is restored and pain is alleviated.
When are orthotics needed?
Orthotics are suggested for individuals who have fallen arches, exaggerated arches, plantar fasciitis, heel pain or who experience pain in the shins, toes, ankles, knees, hips or lower back. If you see some of the symptoms or your feet tend to point either outward or inward, these can be signs which you need to wear orthotics.
Just how do they work?
When an individual has any of the aforementioned issues, orthotics work to correctly align the feet and alleviate the debilitating pressure. They offer support where needed, and keep symptoms from worsening. They correct position, pronation, and offer a more secure, fitter, comfortable gait.
Orthotics can be found as inserts to fit most any shoe and come in a wide range of fashions for various tasks. There are heat moldable insoles, gel heel inserts and specialized custom insoles to enhance performance when running. Additionally, there are several companies that make shoes, sandals, and flip flops with orthotic custom insoles built in, like Orthaheel and Sole. Products from both these companies are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.