Joe Rogans wife Jessica Rogan is an American model and businesswoman

Joe Rogans wife Jessica Rogan daughter of a family of five brothers whose father was a comedian named Robert Schimmel, went to the California State University to study Arts with the idea of following in the footsteps of the family and venturing into the show business, but eventually he decided to study psychology, did voluntary work for environmental organizations, exploring various professional scenarios until he was inclined to model work, mostly in the Asian market, for a few years in China and then on his return to the US in a Korean company , and later in Thailand, until his return to starting working in companies such as Volvo and BromleyFoods in the administrative and office area.

Joe Rogans wife Jessica Rogan remains active in the Volvo group’s payroll as a product analyst, without neglecting her work as a model. Before marrying JoeRogans the model maintained a relationship from which a daughter was born and after this while dating Joe she got pregnant from this and gave birth to her second daughter, the first with the narrator, after her marriage the second was born daughter of both, the couple married in 2010 after two years of courtship. From her work at Volvo and as a model she accumulates an approximate patrimony of more than one million dollars, not to mention that when she joins her husband who exceeds 25 million it could be said that Joe Rogans wife Jessica Rogan is a rich woman.
Born in Arizona in June 1978, she has carried out several careers in which the modeling and production of television shows have been part of, along with her husband she helps with the production of some of her podcasts in which she takes part as a producer. and she gives her support in several of her projects, she appears in some post of her husband but she has no record of any social network.