What is the satisfaction of users of brim 2018?

From the title, you should understand that here you will know about a different activity. This br1m 2018 activity is started in 2016. At first, the Malaysia created this brim activity. Now the question is what this activity is or what the aim of this activity is.

If you want to know it, then you should know about your expenditure planning because this activity is about your daily expenditure. Suppose you are spending lots of money or you do not know how to spend the right amount of money in the right direction. This activity will help you to know these details about it.
What is the user’s satisfaction with this brim 2018 activity?
If you see the chart of KIJIDATA research, then you can see lots of details of users of this. After starting this brim 2018, there are lots of people who have used this activity in their daily life. From that chart, one thing is clear that this is effectual for half people. That means 50.8% people are saying that they are lucky that they have used this activity. The rest people told that they are still confused about this activity.

There was happened a part of the vote of users. In this vote, 68.7% has told that they want that this activity should start for 2018 also. So from this vote, this is clear that this activity cannot perform so well for all people. But this will change for next generation.
How to contact them?
If you want more details about this activity, then you can send a text to them. For this issue, you should enter their official site first. At that site, you can see the free space at the right corner. You can use it for asking something. They are always with you about this semakan brim 2018.