How different is a magnetic USB cable from a regular cable?

What exactly is a magnetic android cable and how does it work? Does it make you’re charging experience wireless? Is it worth the extra dollar that you spend on buying your charger?
Well, there are many questions and speculations when it comes to buying a magnetic Android cable especially because it is new on the market and only a few of us have the firsthand experience of using it.
How different is a Magnetic android cable?
A magnetic android cablehelps you change your phone with an ease and makes the whole experience smooth. A magnetic android cable can be plugged in both ways which also benefit as u do not have to figure out which time that which side has to be face up and which side has to be facing down each time you plug in.well, that’s a good benefit for sure. Well to add more to that a magnetic charger makes a plug in super easy as once you take your charger near the plug in point. It itself gets attracted towards the port and starts charging. Make it super easy to plug in even in a dark room.
Is a magnetic android cable really different from a basic USB cable?
A magnetic USB cable is same as a basic usb cable, is made the same way with the same mechanism and work equally well as a basic USB C. The only add on feature is that it is magnetic hence giving it an extra edge over basic cable.
However, a magnetic Samsung cable is costlier compared to the regular android cables as for the magnetic feature and for it being new in the market. But all the other features are same as any USB cable and it totally worth a try.

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