Score88tangkas: the site you can trust for tangkas online

Do you love playing card games in your leisure time? Do you find it impossible to go to the land based casinos for the game? Welcome to the world of score88tangkas, where you will get the answers to all the questions in one go. It is a website that allows you to play tangkas online (Fielding online). Bola tangkas is an old game that was established in the 1980s throughout and became increasingly popular with time. Bola tangkas enjoy a fixed place on the gaming floors of the casinos around the globe. That’s a different thing that different casinos have different rules and require a particular amount as the deposit for playing the same.

What are the advantages of playing bola tangkas on score88tangkas?
• The registration of any player is done free of cost.
• The member who refers each of his friends will earn 10% of your friends’ deposit.
• The players can reach attractive bonus options once he becomes the loyal member of the site.
• One can deposit and withdraw up to a certain limit of rp 50,000.
• Maximum bonus provided is rp 10,000,000, which is a lot of money.
• The players get a cashback 5% of total lose counts.

Playing the bola tangkas game is not as difficult as it sounds. The game starts when you place a bet of a certain amount of money. The money is put into the machine and then a deal button is pressed to draw the cards. One of the players is given a chance to discard or keep one or more of the cards in the place of the new card from the virtual deck. After which, the machine checks the hand and offers the money if the hand matches one of the winning hands in the group.
So better is not to get attracted with the wrong information in betting online and join score88tangkas for your favorite card game.

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