Rise of the Android

What is Android?
Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, which has taken over the market and is preferred extensively by consumers for their user friendliness and simplicity. They are comparatively much easier to use for the common man than other operating systems in the market; this makes it a very popular and a common choice of smartest phone users.

What makes them so popular?
Ease of use and user friendliness is however not the only feature due to which the android gets its reputation and customer base. One of the most basic advantages it has that makes it instantly a crowd favorite is its price. Compared to its arch rival in the mobile operating system market, the iOS, devices with the android systems are much cheaper to develop and hence much cheaper to sell. Thus, the popularity of the android not only becomes a choice but also often an obligation for those who can’t really afford to purchase a luxury phone.

Just because it’s cheap, however, one must not underestimate it or mistake it for an inferior operating system. It is capable of doing almost anything else that its rival operating systems can and sometimes offer it in an even much better way. Applications are also much easier to build on and for the android meaning that there is a plethora of apps available for the android users to choose from. These apps range from the educational and the informative to fun games designed to keep the android user entertained for hours on end. The official Google play store and unofficial sites such as http://rocketapk.com have literally thousands of apps that users can download and use for various purposes.

These android phones are not only useful and varied but are also much easier to install and use; keeping in tone with the ease of use of the android operating system. They are usually installed by means of app apk files which makes the task of android apps download and installation very simple and easy. The apk download takes care of everything else itself.

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