PBN footprints: how to avoid them?

The only drawback of maintaining a private blog networking is that it can be traced if not managed efficiently. When a unique identifier is traced by the search engines, it results in the deindexing of the websites from that particular search engine. It is very difficult for the automotive systems to trace this link, however these automotive systems can produce a clue and in turn a physical employee would start an inspection to see if anything is wrong in the network. This is referred to as a manual review and is very dangerous if something is caught in this review because consequences would lead to the deindexing of your whole network of websites.

How can you prevent from leaving foot prints?

This is rather simple and you need to be careful while spreading the links. There are hundreds and hundreds of websites on the internet and you can easily hide your network. Try not to show obvious linkages and this is the basic way through which you can avoid getting caught. You have to avoid duplicate start of authenticated records, this is the key factor in avoiding leaving the footprints and getting caught. If you focus on this point you can surely run a successful campaign and can lead to great SEO results. 21pbn is a great way to start with your gambling website if you want to get your sight top ranked in a couple of weeks. These are professionals and know exactly how to avoid being caught from the search crawling. You can safely start your new money business with these professionals and reach now records of SEO through their extra ordinary private blog network service. Avoid to add multiple websites in the same DNS server this would cause a foot print and you would be caught earlier.

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