Method on how to make pot brownies

So you love to cook the recipe in the kitchen very much. You daily try new experiments in the kitchen in cooking the delicious recipes. If you are very much found of cooking the mouth-watering recipes in the kitchen, just try to cook the brownie. You need to necessarily follow the correct direction on cooking the best brownie in the kitchen. Just try hard to bake the delicious brownie. When you are cooking the brownie make sure that you add all the ingredients in an appropriate quantity. This will surely make it mouthwatering. Even you can get the details on how to make pot brownies from the internet. If you do not add the ingredients in the correct amount, the chances are there that the brownie may get spoiled easily.

Here is what you need-
Arrange for the ingredients like cocoa powder, milk, eggs, sugar, baking powder, butter or oil, weed, the pinch of salt.
Prepare it-
Just start preparing it in your home kitchen. Take a big bowl adds the egg yolk, sugar and cocoa powder and mix it very well. You have to make sure that you add the items in an appropriate quantity. Adding sugar can be done according to the taste.

Do not add less sugar nor too much extra sugar. Mix the content into the milk and blend it thoroughly. You can add any flavor as per the choice or requirements. Make sure that you are adding the little of the flavor. If you want to make it more attractive and delicious, you can add dry fruits. Also, you can add the tutti-frutti in it. Bake it in the microwave. This will help you in making the best brownie in the kitchen and make the other people top give you more appreciations to you. This way you can make the best brownie and teach others how to make pot brownies.

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