MANA Barmill Hamilton present in emblematic architecture

The name Max Aicher North America (MANA) Barmill means excellence in the world of construction materials. With decades of experience in the market, it has become a leading company due to the high quality of its products, as well as constantly innovating in research, techniques, and materials due to its large investments.

Reinforcement systems of high strength based on concrete alloys have materialized in one of the most attractive alternatives for construction, especially if it is innovative architectural designs that defy the globally established standards.

MANA Barmill has participated in the construction of several emblematic buildings in different countries around the world, such is the case of the Silesian Museum, located in Katowice (Poland), this huge building represented a great challenge because the spaces between the beams are very extensive and they support a quite heavy infrastructure, it was evident that the problem that it represented, because without any intervention the building would eventually collapse on itself.

At first, the solution was to place exposed beams to help support the weight, however, this would greatly affect the architectural design and interior space, and this is when MANA Barmill Hamilton presented the perfect solution to avoid a possible collapse through the use of a high strength reinforcement having special detail in terms of design.

The proposal of MANA Barmill meant a much faster work with minor material expenses, which translated into significant savings.

In the same way we can mention the intervention of this successful company in the creation of the reinforcement of the famous building of the dancing towers of Germany, to solve what would be the basic structures to be able to achieve security as well as a fluid design that resembles the movement was not a simple job The answer to this was the use of concreting through the use of an innovative technique that consisted of pouring the material in the splice site, which was a saving of almost 50% of the total stipulated cost.

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