Macujo Method To Pass a hair follicle test

One popular way of passing a hair drug test is the macujo method; which is also one of the earliest techniques for removing all traces of drugs out of your hair in the publication. It might seem a little pricey, and somewhat complex at first yet, is it really worth losing your job over? Among the significant reasons people fail a drug test since they wont quit using marijuna, all these methods to detox your body of THC will not work if you’re still smoking pot, while just adding more THC in the body!

For the Macujo method you’ll need:-Aloe Rid hair detox shampoo (this is the most effective Hair detox shampoo on the market)-Clean and Clear or another shampoo using salicylic acid-White vinegar-Shower caps and something to secure your eyes (optional)

The Macujo method.
The Macujo method takes advantage of multiple products that are easily obtainable to everyone online! In the first place, you have to avoid using some other drugs for at least a day or two or smoking marijuana. Then about the 2nd day, soak your hair in warm water, and begin to massage your head with vinegar making sure the hair follicles all are coated. After that, put in a moderate sized dollop of Clear and Clean Pink on your face, and massage that in. Now you need to have coated your hair in vinegar, followed by Clear and Clean Pink you need to leave after this concoction for around 30 to 45 minutes. Carry on to wash it using Aloe Rid shampoo twice after rinsing your hair, and wash it incredibly vigorously to ensure you get just as much THC as you can out of your hair. In the event you’d like to be super safe, then maybe clean your hair with shampoo that is UltraClean also.

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