Know the different diaper types available in market

Today buying diapers(Luiers) is not easy as of its available varieties. There are wide varieties of baby diapers to choose from. So parents get confused which one to buy? It is important for parents first to know about all its types, as when you come to know about type than also able to judge the difference between all. Many companies even started offering diaper packs along with some accessories. All accessories are different that comes with a different diaper.
Types of baby diapers:
It is an absorbent diaper that is made of the non-woven sandwich. It contains chemical crystals that help in absorbing around 800 times weight of liquid and also hold it in the form of gel. Not in liquid form as this creates wetness and due to this your baby starts crying and also not falls asleep. You can buy one according to your child size it comes in all sizes from 1 to 7 even sometimes 8. They are eco-friendly. You can choose from the list of large, extremely large, or small and extremely small.
Pocket diapers:
These diapers contain waterproof covering that has the pocket in it. You will find one pocket inside the diaper when folded. So you can consider buying this one for your small baby.
Pre-folded diapers:
There are in rectangular shape however not like and big as other diapers. Parents find these diapers easy to use. They need only to fold twice, and it gets fit inside your pocket too. You don’t have to carry a big bag to contain it.
All above diapers are best and eco-friendly to use. When you go to buy any of these must check all features that enhance comfort, fit as well as absorbency. It is good to buy that diaper that has elastic around the legs and waist to help in preventing leakage.

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