How to eliminate bounce rates With SEO

Bounce rate, is a word that is used most often in website optimisation and conversion. Nevertheless, it is important that you translate a bounce rate as what it is and understand how Google translates a bounce rate too. You might also be asking if bounce rates affect SEO? The answer is yes, it does. With Google trying to make it incredibly easy for people to find exactly what they are looking for online, every measure is being put into consideration to ensure that people get what they are searching for the first time.

There are two ways bounce rates are translated, the first is the amount of time spent and the second is the action taken. Once a searcher, clicks open a site, a notice is sent to the google server. This is the first notice that indicates that the person is on that particular site, if the person stays for some time, a second notice is sent and if the person performs a second action, like clicking on a link or a product or making a comment; this is not recorded as a bounce rate. A bounce rate is only recorded when there is a single notice of the presence of the visitor in the site. This can affect SEO.
The way to eliminate bounce rates is to ensure that your pages are actionable as well as to give people a reason to search further and spend time on your website. Make the navigation very easy, such that there would be no reason to leave. You can create a form to ask for emails to send newsletters, add more relevant links to post that are related to that page. While you cannot eliminate bounce rates completely it is important that it is on the low level. As repeated indications for very high bounce rates might just be negatively affecting the work you are putting into your SEO. Visit seoz now today to grow your organic traffic.

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