Floor Tile: Choosing Tiles for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the best floor tile for your home, everyone becomes so confusing. There is millions of designs shape size material of tiles which confuses. So here is the solution to help you choose the best tile for your home.

The type of floor tile
There are generally two types of tiles used for home tile installation.
• Ceramic tiles: this is the mostly used tile used in living or dining room etc. these ceramic tiles are available in the mostly glazed surface.
• Porcelain tiles: porcelain tiles are the durable one. It is also stained resettable. These are generally used in the kitchen or in bathrooms. Also because of its density and durability, you should choose porcelain tiles for outdoor tiling.

Choosing the color of tiles
like the floor of the house creates a lot of effect on your house interior and exterior design so you must choose the right tile color suits your house. There are endless design and color available in tiles you can choose from. According to expert choose light and warm color ceramic tile for your bedroom as it the less traffic place in the house. On the other hand, choose abrasion resistance tiles for the drawing room because it is the most used room in the house. For the kitchen, you must choose non-porous glazed tiles so that it resists stain and dirt.
Choose the right grout color
While choosing the right floor tile does not forget to select the right grot color. The grout color must contrast with the floor to intensify the floor’s look.
like the design and color, there are different kinds of sizes available for floor tiles. There is a myth to use big sized tiles to make an illusion of a bigger room. But if you use bigger tiles in a small room your room will look even smaller. In that case, you must choose medium sized flooring tile for your room to look it bigger.

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