Casey Nezhoda the star of “Storage Wars”

An ax star of second-hand purchases Casey Nezhoda has become famous and has increased the family fortune since her appearances on the side of her husband in the reality show “Storage Wars” broadcast on the cable channel A & E and that has catapulted her to fame, her fans are aware of her purchases and discussions to get the best purchases at the lowest price, she is also known for having a great physical shape with a very well molded body that she attributes to exercise and good nutrition.

The husband of Casey Nezhoda who accompanies her in her appearances in the program is an Austrian native raised in Germany and who emigrated to the United States in the 90s, and the couple before the show were owners of a thriving sales company of second-hand items and had already received proposals for television programs before, but it was not until “Storage Wars” that they decided to become very soon a recognized and respected couple in the world of the purchase and resale of used and old items.

With a couple close to turning twenty, the firm believing a couple of Christianity have a daughter whom they are forming in that religion that Casey Nezhoda does not occupy himself in hiding, but on the contrary every time he can post messages of faith and religion in their social networks, being assiduous assistants to the church.

The fortune of the Nezhoda was already considered before its appearance on the TV show but it is also undeniable that this gave them an additional boost to their income reaching an estimated of more than 1.5 million dollars and very likely to continue increasing. Their shop receives more visitors each day, both to meet the couple and to buy the items they sell, it has become a point of attraction for fans of the television program as well as for the couple.

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