Cannabis- the miracle herb that heals all

What exactly is cannabis?
Cannabis is a flowering plant, indigenous to Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent but grown and found in abundance across the world. Prepared in various forms (most often as dried flowers and leaves or in a powder form and sometimes even in liquid form), it is used by people across the world for recreational as well as medicinal purposes. It can be consumed in various ways. Perhaps the most common and crude of these is smoking it, wherein it is crushed and rolled into joints or placed in hookahs and inhaled. It can also be vaporized at a temperature of 329-374 F and consumed. It can also be taken in liquid form such as cannabis tea or the Indian ‘bhang’. It is also common to infuse it into edibles as part of the ingredient and eat it; such as the cannabutter crockpot recipe.

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The benefits of consuming cannabis
Often getting negative publicity, the cannabis has been found to actually have numerous benefits; some even going as far as to call it the miracle herb. Many scientific studies have proven that cannabis have plenty of medical benefits. It has been found to be very helpful in weight lose, regulate and prevent diabetes and even helping in the fight against cancer. Nothing is perfect; and cannabis certainly has its side effects and some negatives; but it has been proven beyond doubt that cannabis has many medicinal properties that make it one of the gifts given to us by nature.

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At last count, over half of the people in the United States have tried cannabis. Realizing the huge benefits of the herb, several US states have completely decriminalized cannabis, not only for medicinal but also recreational purposes. The legal changes mean that people can now use this miracle herb to cure themselves of various ailments. So pull out that cannabuuter crockpot and get cooking.

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