Alternatives to having a secure email

The electronic mail is the modern version of the old letters, telegrams, and faxes, but in an immediate way that has a global reach, because in a matter of seconds one or more people can communicate with each other regardless of the geographical location of each one. In this way, through the mail there are conversations; multimedia files are shared, either from the user’s personal life or from business-related matters. Either one or the other, are absolutely private issues that should not be the responsibility of people outside the exchange of messages.

And it is that for more it is believed to have a secure mail there will always be people who will try to illegally enter them to extract information that can be used for the theft of identities or bank account data and even data from the workplace, with which you can commit large scams and frauds. And although there are many ways to make a secure email nothing guarantees that some hackers will intervene in emails and even computers.
However, the company CTemplar after conducting an analysis of the threats to which privacy and security are exposed in the wide Internet network came the idea of safeguarding communication between people through Encrypted Email which has a totally new orientation, where they use super-developed techniques to protect data and all information.
In this regard, CTemplar is governed by the laws of Iceland, which are undoubtedly the strictest on the planet with respect to the security of electronic data. For this reason, they use protection of four walls, consisting of:
• Full encryption with open cryptography.
• Support of the strictest electronic security laws.
• Anonymity and inability to access customer data.
• User-friendly interface similar to a normal email account.
To know the services of affiliation, it is recommended to enter the link of the website, where the prices are shown the benefits of each one.

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